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Culinary Education needs a new approach. Experience a real-world restaurant learning environment preparing you for your future career.

About Our School

SHULAR Institute is a community-based hospitality offering developed to redefine the purpose of food service and business management through our modern global curriculum and diverse local sustainable culture. Our Institute will deliver programming made for “The Modern Entrepreneur Chef and Hospitality Professional”.  

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Enrollment for Shular Institute opens in 2021.  From our certificate offerings to professional development training and more we break the paradigm of how culinary education has traditionally been delivered.  A fully immersive hands-on experience allow students to build the skills needed for today’s industry and tomorrow’s culinary leaders.


Workshops & Professional Development

When you think Shular Institute don’t think school think apprenticeship. Actual side-by-side learning and program development by a Certified Master Chef and an elite group of Chef mentors.

FarmED K+B

FarmED Kitchen and Bar the flagship restaurant of The SHULAR Institute, the guest will enjoy a wide range of modern food styles and custom beverages in our 7, 000 sq. ft open kitchen and bar. 

 Education Done Right

The Modern Entrepreneur Chef and Hospitality Professional



It is refreshing to see another Certified Master Chef take on the responsibility of educating our future Chefs properly. As an advisor for The Shular Institute, we will ensure that this is done the right way. 

- CMC Edward Leonard

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